Guinea Bissau; Una rivoluzione (1970)

Title: Guinea Bissau; Una rivoluzione Africana
Photographer(s): Uliano Lucas
Designer(s): Uliano Lucas, Walter Telleri and Giorgio Fioravanti (cover)
Writer(s): Bruno Crimi
Publisher: Vangelista Editore, Milan, 1970
Pages: 200
Language: Italian
Dimensions: 16 x 22 cm
Country: Guinea-Bissau

 For this book, Italian photographer Uliano Lucas used a format that was filmic in nature, reminiscent of a movie montage sequence. Just like Conchiglia’s work, the design was strongly inspired by Dirk Alvermann’s ‘Algerien’ (1960). The book obviously was sympathetic towards the guerrilla movement led by Amilcar Cabral, who was interviewed for the book.

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