Africa in the Photobook
is a website initiated in 2015 by photographer and (photo)historian Ben Krewinkel. The website is about the changing visual representation of Africa as expressed through the medium of the photobook. By showcasing book spreads the books become partly accessible to a wider public and function as a platform for students, collectors and experts to talk about the content of the books. People can engage with each other through a Facebook page as well.

Africa in the Photobook
is looking for books made by African artists or books printed in African countries, but also focusses on books made outside the continent by non-African photographers and writers. This is especially the case for books produced during the colonial era.

By showing books, the website doesn’t want to suggest to agree with the content, since many books tend to be highly propagandistic and sometimes blatant paternalistic and/or even racist.

The research and writing process for the first publication titled Africa in the Photobook; Colonial Africa 1880s-1950s is made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.


Currently Africa in the Photobook is contributing to the section dedicated to South African photobooks on the website South African History Online initiated by Afrapix photographer Omar Badsha.

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The book
In recent years a new popular genre of books on photobooks emerged. The three-volume series
The Photobook: A History by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. Since the publication of this serie many books followed and could be regarded more or less as supplemental material. Many of these books focus on a particular region, for example Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 70s (2009), The Latin American Photobook (2011), The Dutch Photobook (2012) and the yet to be published The Belgian Photobook (2019). Although The Belgian Photobook does include a chapter on Belgian photobooks on Belgian Congo, no title on African photobooks or photobook about Africa has been published up until now.

Some years ago book collector Ben Krewinkel decided to focus mainly on books made in or about Africa dealing with African subjects. In the last decade this has led to a unique collection containing more than five hundred books, among which are some very rare and historically important titles. Initially many of the books were only displayed on the website Africa in the Photobook to allow a wide audience to experience the contents of the books.
Apart from a selection of spreads and bibliographical information, the website doesn’t contain much further information.

Currently Ben Krewinkel is researching a wide selection of the displayed books, to be able to put them in a proper (art) historical context that should result in the two-volume reference work on this topic Africa in the Photobook. Both volumes deal with the changing perception of the continent as depicted in the photobook from the period 1880-1995. Therefore many books that might be considered less interesting as objects of art, will nevertheless be included just because of their historical value.


Cover design publications

This website and collection would not have been possible without the gifts of books, interviews, tips and all other kind of support by:

Kier Schuringa
Immeke Sixma
Yumi Goto
Benjamin Füglister
Alfonso Melendez
Jose Luis Neves
Jean Adamou Bouah
Annette Kouwenhoven
Andrea Stultiens
Sara Blokland
Bart Luirink
David Goldblatt
Brenda Goldblatt
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Cristina de Middel
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Patrick Maille
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Christophe Le Toquin
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Akinbode Akinbiyi
Michele Sibiloni
Laura Charbonell
Cristina de Middel
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Rutger Stutvoet
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Thom Pierce
Jurg Schneider
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Sonia Berger
Ricardo Cases
Castro Pietro
Hideko Ono
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen
Afonso Dias Ramos
Dag Henrichsen
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Neelika Jayawardane
Taco Hidde Bakker
Andrew Purcell
Andreas Bitesnich
Erik Vroons
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Antonio B de Melo
Anne Joseph
Simon Scholte ter Horst and the people of the Zuid-Afrika Huis Amsterdam
Moto Yoshikuni
Colin Pantall
Michael Pritchard
Evita Goze
Stephen Goldblatt