Africa in the Photobook is founded by Ben Krewinkel. The website is about the changing visual representation of Africa as expressed through the medium of the photobook.
I am always looking for books made by African artists or book printed in African countries, so please share if you have information. By choosing books we don’t want to suggest to agree with its content, since many books on Africa tend to be highly propagandistic and sometimes blantant paternalistic and/or even racist.
For publishers

Africa in the photobook is a website that is dedicated to African photographers who published a photobook and photobooks in general that deal with Africa or the African diaspora. Publishers are invited to contribute by sending books to be showcased on the website. All books will be showcased (sometimes with an interview) with a direct link to the title on the publishers page.

Publishers and/or artists interested can contact us using the contact form on the homepage.

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Africa in the Photobook
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This website and collection would not have been possible without the gifts of books, interviews, tips and other kind of help by:

Kier Schuringa
Immeke Sixma
Yumi Goto
Tadahiro Ogawa
Benjamin Füglister
Alfonso Melendez
Jose Luis Neves
Jean Adamou Bouah
Annette Kouwenhoven
Andrea Stultiens
Sara Blokland
Bart Luirink
David Goldblatt
Anais Lopez
Paul Weinberg
Roger Ballen
Hillie de Rooy
Cristina de Middel
Azu Nwagbogu
Patrick Maille
Laurent Chardon
Alexandro Pomar
Christophe Le Toquin
Julia Runge
Akinbode Akinbiyi
Michele Sibiloni
Laura Charbonell
Cristina de Middel
Marian Nur Goni
Erika Nimis
Andile Buka
Markus Schaden
Josef Chladek
Svetlana Bachevanova
Thom Pierce
Jurg Schneider
Rosario Mazuela
Nadine Siegert
Sonia Berger
Ricardo Cases
Castro Pietro
Hideko Ono
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen
Afonso Dias Ramos
Dag Henrichsen
Paul Faber
Neelika Jayawardane
Taco Hidde Bakker
Andrew Purcell
Andreas Bitesnich
Erik Vroons