On Africa in the Photobook
– Azu Nwagbogu in conversation with Ben Krewinkel, in The PhotoBook Review 018 (Fall 2020)
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Carlos FrancoConheça 10 livros de fotografia africana fundamentais, in Revista Zum (July 2017)
– Juliana Domingos de Lima, Este blog reúne mais de 150 livros de fotografia sobre a África (May 2017)
Africa in the Photobook – Interview with Ben Krewinkel (August 11th 2016)
– Africa through the photo-book form: ideas and concerns about a forgotten continent by Ben Krewinkel (June 23rd 2016)

On African Photography and Photobooks
– Colin Pantall, Reviewing the History of Belgian Photobook, with a special mention to the section on books about Congo (May 2019)
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– Juliana Domingos de Lima, Este blog reúne mais de 150 livros de fotografia sobre a África (May 2017)
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On Photobooks and/or African Photography
Timeline of South African Photobooks
The African Photobook
Photography Legacy Project
Livros de Fotografia dedicated to Brazilian Phonebooks by Leo Wen
Protest in Photobook on protest books by Luciano Zuccaccia
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Autopsie on German language photobooks
Joseph Chladek on his collection
Photobook Journal
Aperture PhotoBook review
The Observers
Belgian Platform for Photobooks
– David Company, ‘The Photobook’: What’s in a name’ in Aperture Magazine
– Edward Kgosidintsi, ‘Black Social Photography in South Africa: Before & After‘ in OK Africa
– David Company, ‘The Photobook’: What’s in a name‘ in Aperture Magazine
– Database books on photobooks

Other links
– Decolonisation (Binding their time / Liberation / The World is Ours)
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Sources for Africa(n) Photography

House of Photography of Marrakech