Here you can find a list of 19th and early 20th Century photographic albums that can be viewed and sometimes even downloaded in its entirety. Many of them are almost impossible to obtain.
Notice: most of the books listed here are not in my collection and you will be directed to another website than Africa in the Photobook.
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1852, Maxime du Camp, Égypte, nubie, palestine et syrie. Dessins photographiques (see also here)
1856-1857, Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin, Vues d’Algérie, portraits d’Algériens et de personnalités françaises en Algérie
1856-1857, Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin, L’Algérie photographiée : Province d’Alger
1856-1857, Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin, L’Algérie photographiée : Province de Constantine
1857-58, Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin, L’Algérie photographiée : Province d’Oran
1858, Francis Frith, Egypt and Palestine: Photographed and Described by Francis Frith, volume 1
1858, Francis Frith, Egypt and Palestine: Photographed and Described by Francis Frith, volume 2

1859, Félix-Jaques Moulin, L’Algérie photographiée
1861, Joseph Kirkman a.o., The Progress of his Royal Highness Prince Alfred Ernest Albert through the Cape Colony, British Kaffraria, the Orange Free State, and Port Natal, in the year 1860
1862, Francis Frith, Lower Egypt volume 1
1862, Francis Frith, Lower Egypt volume 2 
1862, Francis Frith, Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia: Illustrated by One Hundred Stereoscopic Photographs taken by Francis Frith
1862, Henry Cammas and Andre Lefèvre, La Valée du Nil: Impressions er photographies
1865, Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin, Colonisation française de l’Algérie et voyage de Napoléon III en 1865
1865, Emmanuel de Rouge, Album photographique de la Mission remplie en Egypte
1877-78, Félix Bonfils, Souvenirs d’Orient – Album pittoresque des sites, villes et ruines les plus remarquables de l’Egypte et de la Nubie, de la Palestine, de la Syrie et de la Grèce (4 vols).
1878, Auguste Mariette-Bey, Voyage dans la Haute-Egypte
1880, Sam Alexander, Photographic Scenery of South Africa
1881, Abdu Rabbih Al-Wahhāb, Al Djazair and Tunis
1882, Ralph Watts Leyland, A holiday in South Africa
1882, Luigi Fiorillo, Alexandria Bombardment of 1882
1884, Émile Manheimer, Du Cap au Zambèze
1885-88, J.A. da Cunha Moraes, Africa Occidental (Volume 1 / Volume 2 / Volume 3 / Volume 4)
1886- 1890, Eduard Foà, Views of Africa Album 1. Côte d’Or-Ashantis-Krou-Mandigo-Niger-Salaga-Ténériffe-Madere 
1886- 1890, Eduard Foà, Views of Africa. Album 2. Congo-Loanda-Cameroon
1888, Hans Meyer, Zum Schneedom des Kilimandscharo : 40 photographien aus Deutsch-Ostafrika
1888, H. Béchard, L’Egypte et la Nubie
1889, Joao Francisco Camacho, Colleccao de Photographias relativas ao Caminho de Ferro de Lourenco Marques
1890, Johan Büttikofer, Reisebilder aus Liberia (Volume 1 / Volume 2)
1890, Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, Algerie Artistique
1891, Eduard Foà,
Views of Africa. Album 3. Le-Cap-Hottentots-Zoulouland-Natal-Sud du Zamèze
1891-1893, Eduard Foà, Views of Africa, Album 4. Bas et Haut Zambèze-Quelimane-Tête-Makanga-Azimbas-Magandjas-Angonis-Yaos
1891, Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, Alger – l’Hiver
1891, Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, Constantine
1892, Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, Biskra
1893, Eduard Foà, Views of Africa. Album 5. Egypte-Hte-Egypte-Aden 

1893, Eduard Foà, Views of Africa. Album 6. Zanzibar et Côte-Quiloa-Dar es Salam-Tanga-Somalis 
1893, Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, L’Algérie de nos jours : Alger, Boufarick, Blidah, Oran, Tlemcen, Kabylie, Constantine, Biskra
1894, W.A. Wills, The downfall of Lobengula: the cause, history, and effect of the Matabeli War
1894, Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, Le Caire
1894, Charles Lemaire,
Congo & Belgique; à propos de l’exposition d’Anvers
1894, (no photographs) Franz Stuhlmann, Mit Emin Pasha ins Herz von Afrika
1894-1897, Eduard Foà, African Views. Album 7. Zambèze-Mikorongo-Lac Nyassa-Ouemba-Lac Tanganyika-Ouroua-Manyema-Haut- Moyen & Bas Congo
1895, Joseph Forsyth Ingram, The colony of Natal; an official illustrated handbook and railway guide
1897, Harry Hamilton Johnston, British Central Africa
1897, François Coillard, 
On the threshold of Central Africa; a record of twenty years’ pioneering among the Barotsi of the Upper Zambesi
1897, J. Forsyth Ingram, Natalia: a condensed history of the exploration and colonisation of Natal and Zululand. From the earliest times to the present day 
1897, Charles Lemaire,
Voyage au Congo
1898, Th. Rehbock, Südwest Afrika. 96 Lichtdrucke
1898, Franz Thonner, Im afrikanischen Urwald: Meine Reise nach dem Kongo und der Mongalla im Jahre 1896
1899, Franz Thonner, Dans la grand forêt de l’Afrique Central
1899, James van Drunen,
Heures africaines : l’Atlantique, Le Congo
1899, Carlo Citerni, L’Omo
1900, W.C. Willoughby, Native Life on the Transvaal Border
1900, A.T. Mahan, The War in South Africa. A narrative of the Anglo-Boer war from the beginning of hostilities to the fall of Pretoria (second edition in 1902)
1901, Thomas Joshua Allridge, The Sherbo and its hinterland
1903, Charles William Francis Harrison, Natal; an illustrated official railway guide and handbook of general information
1903, George Washington Wilson, Album of Photographic Views of South Africa
1903, Ugo Ferrandi, Lugh
1904, E.D. Morel, The treatment of women and children in the Congo state 1895-1904 : an appeal to the women of the United States of America
1904, E.D. Morel, King Leopold’s Rule in Africa
1904, Various photographers, An answer to Mark Twain
1904, Sir Harry Johnston, The Uganda Protectorate
1905, J.F. Cunningham, Uganda and its peoples. Notes on the protectorate of Uganda especially the Anthropology and Ethnology of its Indigenous Races
1905, Alexander Woods Banfield, Life among the Nupe tribe in West Africa
1905, Mark Twain, King Leopold’s soliloquy; a defense of his Congo rule
1905, John Ward, Our Sudan: Its Pyramids and Progress
1906, Unknown, “Verb. sap.” on going to East Africa, British Central Africa, Uganda and Zanzibar, and big game shooting in East Africa
1906, E.D. Morel, Red rubber : the story of the rubber slave trade flourishing on the Congo in the year of grace
1907, Charles W. Hattersley, Uganda by Pen & Camera (later editions include more photographs)
1907, Anonymous, An answer to Mark Twain
1907, Louis Goffin, Le chemin de fer du Congo (Matadi-Stanley-Pool)
1907, Frederick Starr, The Truth about the Congo
1908, Karl Weule, Negerleben in Ostafrika. Ergebnisse einer ethnologischen forschungsreise
1909, Various photographers, Notre Colonie: Le Congo Belge
1909, Karl Weule, Native Life in East Africa: the results of an ethnographical research expedition
1909, Adolf Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg, Ins innerste Afrika
1910, Franz Thonner, Vom Kongo zum Ubangi
1910, Albert F. Calvert, Nigeria and it’s tin fields
1910, Adolf Friedrich, In the Heart of Africa
1910,  Samuel Pierre L’Honoré Naber, Op expeditie met de Franschen
1910, Thomas Joshua Allridge, A transformed colony. Sierra Leone as it was and as it is
1911, Various photographers, Un excursion au Congo
1912, Various photographers, Au Congo Belge: Chasses a l’elephant, les indigenes, l’administration
1912, Aleš Hrdlička, The natives of Kharga Oasis, Egypt
1912, Frederick Starr, Congo Natives
1914, F.X. Geyer, Durch Sand, Sumpf und Wald
1914, Carlo Citerni, Ai confini merdionali dell’Etiopia
1914, Carlo Citerni, Come si viaggia in Africa
1915, Albert F. Calvert, South-West Africa during the German occupation 1884-1914
1916, Albert F. Calvert, The German Empire
1916, Otto Stiehl, Unsere Feinde
1916, Leo Frobenius, 
Der Völkerzirkus unserer Feinde
1916, Albert F. Calvert, The Cameroons
1917, Albert F. Calvert, German East Africa
1917, Various photographers,
Les campagnes belges d’Afrique 1914-1917
1918, Unknown, Les Campagnes Belges d’Afrique, 1914-7, Cameroun-Est Africain Allemand
1918, Albert F. Calvert, Togoland
1918, Various photographers, Report on the Natives of Southwest Africa and their treatment
1918/24, Various photographers, Kijkjes in Belgisch Kongo
1920, Allan Wolsey, T
he natives of the northern territories of the Gold Coast; their customs, religion and folklore
1922, Thomas Alexander Barns, The wonderland of the Eastern Congo; the region of the snow-crowned volcanoes, the pygmies, the giant gorilla, and the okapi
1926, Unknown, The Prince of Wales’ African Book
1929, Jose dos Santos Rufino, Álbuns Fotográficos e Descritivos da Colónia de Moçambique (Volume 1 / Volume 2 / Volume 3 / Volume 4 / Volume 5 / Volume 6 / Volume 7 / Volume 8 / Volume 9 / Volume 10)
1934, Various, Le chemin de fer Congo-Océan
1934, Nancy Cunard, Negro Anthology
1956, Unknown, Flagrantes da Vida na Lunda