South Africa. The Cordoned Heart (1986)

Title: South Africa. The Cordoned Heart
Photographer(s): Paul Alberts, Joe Alphers, Michael Barry, Omar Badsha, Bee Berkman, Michael Davies, David Goldblatt, Paul Konings, Lesley Lawson, Rashid Lombard, Chris Ledchowski, Jimi Matthews, Ben Maclennan, Gideon Mendel, Cedric Nunn, Myron Peters, Berney Perez, Jeeva Rajgopaul, Wendy Schwegmann and Paul Weinberg
Edit: Omar Badsha
Designer(s): Margaret Sartor
Writer(s): Francis Wilson and Bishop Desmond Tuti
Publisher: Gallery Press / Norton and Company, Newlands / New York, 1986
Pages: 186
Language: English
ISBN: 0-620-09125-8
Dimensions: 27 x 27 cm
Edition: Published on the occasion of Malawi Independence, 1964
Country: South Africa

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