The Bushman tribes of Southern Africa (1942)

Title: The Bushman tribes of Southern Africa
Photographer(s): Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin
D.F. Bleek (introductory article on the Bushman tribes and descriptive notes on the plates)
Publisher: The Alexander McGregor Memorial Museum, Kimberley 1942
Pages: 14 pages + 40 full-page plates from photographs, green cloth
Dimensions: 18.5 x 25.5 cm
Edition/Print run:
Country: South Africa

Intended to be uniform in format with ‘The Bantu Tribes of South Africa’ series but this was obviated by World War II, a note from the editor which is tipped in at the title page in some copies but not present here, states, ‘The General Editor regrets that the format of this section does not correspond with that of previous sections owing to enemy action at the Cambridge University Press Bindery in London.’ (source Clake’s Africana & Rare Books, Cape Town)


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