Afrika wartet (1942)

Title: Afrika wartet. Ein kolonialpolitisch Bildbuch
Photographer(s): Helmut Blenck, K.H. Diesel, Kurt Kayser, Guth, A.E. Johann, Paul Lieberenz, Eva Mac Lean, Mauritius, Walter Mittelholzer, Karl Mohri, Johannes Paul, Werner Peiner, C. Schulte, Ilse Steinhoff, Carl Troll, Erns Weigt and several German kolonial archives
Designer(s): Otto Emmerling
Writer(s): Joachim Fernau, Kurt Kayser and Johannes Paul
Publisher: Rütten & Loaning Verlag, Potsdam 1942
Pages: 112 pages
Language: German
Dimensions: 21 x 26,5 cm
Country: Various former German African colonies

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