The Ttabo – if you’re not in here no one will know you’re out there (2019)

Title: The Ttabo – if you’re not in here no one will know you’re out there
Photographer(s): Andrea Stultiens, Kaddu Wasswa and R. Canon Griffin
Designer(s): Andrea Stultiens and Kaddu Wasswa
Writer(s): Andrea Stultiens and Kaddu Wasswa
Publisher: Self published, Kampala 2019
Pages: 118
Language: English
Dimensions: 18 x 24 cm
Country: Uganda

The Ttabo both adds to and corrects ‘The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, a visual biography’. While Kaddu Wasswa was initially very happy with that book it became over time more and more obvious that the 2010 publication was problematic in a couple of ways. The focus of the documents in the book was on his failures to such an extent that it was rather hard to get to his ideas. And the fancy production, done in the Netherlands, made it beyond the reach of too many.
– from the artist website

See also: The Kaddu Wasswa Archive

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