In and around Pretoria and the Mines (n.d.)

Title: In and around Pretoria and the Mines
Designer(s): unknown
Writer(s): unknown
Publisher: Sallo Epstein & Co., Johannesburg n.d.
Pages: 32 (49 artistic photographic views)
Language: English
Dimensions: 29 x 21.5 cm
Country: South Africa

2 thoughts on “In and around Pretoria and the Mines (n.d.)

  1. Louis Botha became Prime Minister of the Transvaal and Agriculture minister with Jan Smuts as its colonial secretary.[4]:270 Other new cabinet ministers included J de Villiers, Attorney-General and Mines, Henry Charles Hull, Treasurer, Johann Rissik, Land and Native Affairs, Harry Solomon held Public Works and Edward Rooth as whip.[6]:174 The Progressives in opposition would be led by George Farrar and Abe Bailey as the opposition whip.[6]:174 They all assembled for the first time in March 1907. After the 1907 election, the issue of Chinese mining labour was revisited with Het Volk believing there was enough labour in the form of black and white miners.


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