Biography Of An Idea – Story Of A Vision Achieved (1973)

Title: Biography Of An Idea – Story Of A Vision Achieved
 Various photographers
Publisher: Published by the Ministry of Information, Printed by Artistic Printers, Addis Abeba 1973 (?)
Pages: 80
Language: Amharic
Dimensions: 27 x 20 cm
Edition: There seems to be an English version as well. The book was also published in a hardback edition with brown cloth (unknown if it came with a dust jacket)
Country: Ethiopia


3 thoughts on “Biography Of An Idea – Story Of A Vision Achieved (1973)

  1. Biography of an Idea—Story of a Vision Achieved: the Eighty-First Anniversary of the Birth of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Ministry of Information: 1973.
    A relatively short (75pp) booklet whose text summarizes selected main points of the emperor’s life. It is basically well-done propaganda, but it chock-full of excellent (and excellent quality) photographs from the 1890s to the 1970s.


  2. I got the book in english version.
    Can anyone tell me more about it.
    I got it as a present. There is no informatian
    About it and is there anywhere one for sale.


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