K pralesům Liberie (1957)

Title: K pralesům Liberie
Photographer(s): Ladislav Mikeš Pařízek
Designer(s): Vladimir Vesely
Writer(s): Ladislav Mikeš Pařízek
Publisher: Státní nakladatelství dětské knihy (State Publisher), Prague 1957
Pages: 114, 32 photographs
Language: Czech
Dimensions: 24 x 16 cm
Country: French West Africa, Liberia

One thought on “K pralesům Liberie (1957)

  1. Author of favorite adventure stories he wrote a new travel book in which he tells children about part of his last trip by French West Africa in 1947-1948. It depicts the attractions of nature, hunting experiences and, above all, the way of life of indigenous black tribes.

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