Gulu Real Art Studio (2013)

Title: Gulu Real Art Studio
Photographer(s): Various photographers
Designer(s): Svenja Knoedler and Sabine Hahn
Writer(s): Martina Bacigalupo, interviews
Publisher: Steidl, Göttingen 2013
Language: English
Pages: 112
ISBN: 978-3-86930-696-4
Dimensions: 18 x 24 cm
Edition: –
Country: Uganda


2 thoughts on “Gulu Real Art Studio (2013)

  1. From the Steild website:
    This book shows a series of portraits found in the trash bin of the “Gulu Real Art Studio,” the oldest photographic studio in Gulu, Northern Uganda. The studio only has a machine that makes four ID images at a time, a number that most clients cannot afford, so the photographer takes single analog pictures, punches out the head with a special device, and discards the rest. In these faceless prints, one’s focus shifts to the subjects individual posture and clothing, forming a typological portrayal of a community. Martina Bacigalupo also interviewed clients of Gulu, and their stories, many deeply moving, describe the political, economic, and social conditions common to contemporary East Africa.


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