Title: The Bantu Tribes of South Africa. Volume III, Section V, Plates CLIII-CXCVIII The Nguni. Section V Baca, Hlubi, Xesibe Photographer(s): Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin Designer(s): – Writer(s): W.D. Hammond-Tooke Publisher: Deighton, Bell & Co., Cambridge 1954 and Alexander McGregor Memorial Museum, Kimberley 1954 Pages: 45 photographic plates, 31 text pages  Language: English Dimensions: 21 x 30 cm Edition: ? Country: South Africa Four volumes divided in eleven sections Volume I: Section I, Plates I-XX: The Bavenda (1928) Volume II: Section I, Plates I-XXVI: The Suto-Chuana Tribes: sub-group I, the Bechuana (1929), Section II, Plates XXVII-LII: The Suto-Chuana Tribes: sub-group II: the Bapedi (Transvaal Basotho (1931), Section III, Plates LIII-LXXVIII: The Suto-Chuana Tribes, sub-group III: The Southern Basotho (1933) Volume III: Section I, Plates I-XL: The Nguni (1939), Section II, Plates XLI-LXXX: The Nguni: the Mpondo and Mpondomise (1949), Section III, Plates LXXXI-CXX: The Nguni: the Zulu (1938), Section IV, Plates CXXI-CLII: The Nguni: the Swazi (1941), Section V, Plates CLIII-CXCVIII: The Nguni: Baca, Hlubi, Xesibe (1954) Volume IV: Section I, Plates I-XL: The Vathonga: (The Thonga-Shangaan People) (1935), Section II, Plates XLI-LXXX: The Vachopi People of Portuguese East Africa (1936)

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