Imagens de uma revolução (1984)

Title: Imagens de uma revolução
Photographer(s): Moira Forjaz, Susan Maiselas (Susan Meiselas)
Designer(s): David King
Writer(s): Albie Sachs
Publisher: Partido Frelimo, Maputo 1984
Pages: 88
Language: Portuguese
Dimensions: 21 x 29,5 cm
Edition: An English version with the title Images of a revolution was published in Harare in 1983
Country: Mozambique

After independence, the Mozambican authorities commissioned the production of mural art on specially chosen sites. The murals, made both by Mozambicans and Chilean exiles, represented a special kind of enthusiasm. The artists focused on several themes from Mozambique’s past, present and future, such as the colonial wars, agricultural and economic cooperation, and the war against corruption. The book was issued to celebrate the fourth congress of FRELIMO, which was also presenting its five year plan.

2 thoughts on “Imagens de uma revolução (1984)

  1. A versão moçambicana refere ® Albie Sachs, 1984 / Edição: Partido Frelimo / Impressão: Minerva Central / Montagem: CEGRAF / Tiragem: 8000 exemplares / Maputo. Abril Maio 84.

    A rarity, still much used and wanted. It was launched in the gardens of the Natural History Museum in Maputo, along the large mural of Malangatana, Man and Nature.


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