Resistencia Popular Generalizada, unknown (1976/77)

Title: Resistencia Popular Generalizada
Photographer(s): Carlos Guimarães (a.o.)
Designer(s): Unknown
Writer(s): Unknown
Publisher: Ministério da Informação da República Popular de Angola, Luanda, 1976/77
Pages: 160
Language: English, French, Portuguese

This inventive and exuberantly designed book was issued by MPLA, the socialist liberation movement that gained independence for Angola from the Portuguese in 1975. Two years later, the nation’s new leaders faced serious problems that caused the national reconstruction project to slacken. In essence ‘Resistencia Popular Generalizada’deals with how the Angolan people organized against the threat of international imperialism, as epitomised by both UNITA and FNLA, former liberation movements that were now backed by South Africa and the United States.


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